Why us

We believe Product Management is a fantastic way to maximize the value creation for your company and for your customers. We are passionate about sharing what we have found out about it and we stay curious about what is going to come next in this field. Partner with us, we are in it for the long term!

Our experience

We have seen product management in industrial B2B context from within and from outside. As general managers, we have set targets for product management and recruited product managers. In R&D, we have had the dialogue, sometimes heated, about what to develop, not to develop and why. As sales managers, we have experienced the frustration of not having the exact right product ready to present for our next sales meeting. As product managers, we have struggled with our roadmaps, put in the extra hours at the approach of a big product launch, wondered how we would ever find the time to update the product strategy and had many enlighted moments when meeting customers

As consultants, we have collected best practices from many different types of product management organizations and understand that one size does not fit all. Our client’s unique situation needs to be well understood to be able to solve their product management challenges

As PM training providers, we have met more than 1000 Product Managers and felt energized everytime a new discussion started in a classroom

Our approach

Understand you to create the most value for you. All projects are defined in close collaboration between the client and NextGen Value, and it’s not only about what you want. It’s about understanding your unique situation, your business environement, what led you to where you are, the dynamics that are changing your current situation and how you define success.

We make it stick. We use coaching methods extensively that makes you reflect, create stronger ownership of the outcome of our projects and increase the probability of successful change program. And we are not afraid of asking the unconfortable questions

We balance ”hard” and ”soft”. We have the necessary tools, models and resources but we also know it is about people committing, understanding, and using them right

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