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Breakfast seminar - Leading through coaching, June 14th, Västerås
NextGen Value launches a series of workshops, First stop - Sharpen your Value proposition!
Jan 18 Key Note speaker at a large Product management conference in Germany
Dec 6-7 Strategy assessment for company in Skåne
Nov 25  Westras, the new startup community in Västerås is inaugerated
Nov 20 NextGen Value moves in to new office at Westras
Nov 16 NextGen Value speaks at the Product management festival in Zhurich

Creating value

At NextGen Value we believe that you need to make sure that there is a balance between developing individuals, organizations and business

As NextGen management consultants it´s our job and passion to support you in taking the next steps of creating value for your company. Within our fields of expertise we believe we have a unique position to do so. We have experience from leading positions in global industrial companies, as well as from management consulting.

- If you have decided to take your company to the next level and need to define how, or if you have already done so but are faced with organizational challenges or difficulties in making sure everyone in the organization are contributing at their best...

- If you are faced with the challenge of how to get a high performing Product Management culture that is customer and market focused and that have all the tools needed for this...

- If you need to get a strategic sales management organization in place that can drive a value based selling culture, create value propositions based on customer needs or if you want to create teams for large opportunities...

...We have a proven methodology to identify the specific challenges you are facing, and a process to define together with you and your team what the steps are for you in creating the next generation of value. 

We plan, organize and perform deliveries with high value, whether it is one to one meetings, small team developments, management team performance, large workshops facilitations or large conference moderations.

Our fields of service

With an extensive experience from senior positions in global industrial companies we have a unique ability to understand our customers needs. We deliver tangible results based on many years of experience from management consulting in global industry companies,

Or main focus lies within strategy development and deployment, to build and strengthen Product Management and to define and implement a strong Sales management culture.

To give you an idea of what we do, we have listed a number of typical projects below:



Facilitate the process of creating strategies for companies of various sizes

Develop and coach management teams

Perform assessments to identify gaps in strategic elements

Define how to address new business opportunities



Build eco system of product management that includes common framework and language, definition of roles and governance, processes, tools etc

Portfolio management and product strategy, including the whole product life cycle management

Deliver global training programs

Assess maturity levels in product management organizations



Improve strategic sales management

Create a value based selling culture

Define and communicate value propositions

Define sales strategies for large opportunities requiring team efforts

Establish a Key account management function


We deliver tangible results based on many years experience of management consulting in global industry companies. 

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